A Fairy Tale (MP3 Song Download)
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A FAIRY TALE  [ Listen to the Song ]

Music and lyrics by Timothy Jon Berndt.

Keyboard arrangement by Ellen Doerfeld Coman.

Performed by Ellen Doerfeld Coman (keyboard) and Tim Berndt (acoustic guitar, vocals, additional keyboard).

Recorded and produced by Timothy Jon Berndt.

© 1988, 2017 Timothy Jon Berndt.  All rights reserved.

Artwork © Tomasz Bidermann; used under license.



Shining thus was he, the knight

Reflections of gold on armored plate

And feeling thus was he, this night

Oceanic souled, no ebb of tide


On a quest through ancient dreams

No nobler cause had he

And from mighty castle walls

He watched the setting sun


And standing thus was he, the champion

Tall and proud, protector, defender, pride of the queen

And wielding thus was he, sword and shield

Swift and strong, he conquered all with no fear


But beneath the armored plate, he felt a tiresome weight

And with outstretched iron-clad hands

He tried to touch the earth again


And feeling thus was he, the knight

Oceanic souled, no ebb of tide

And up from ancient wellsprings, inside did he

Wage a war, this battleground his greatest feat


And as a crashing wave, he left the courtly gates

To chase a dimming sky

And on a mountain high, the sword he sheathed, cast down the shield

The mask removed, he faced the sun, and felt…

It's warmth again...


A Fairy Tale (MP3 Song Download)

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