Greatest Hits? 1987-2017 (30+ Song Download, MP3)
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Greatest Hits? 1987-2017   [ Listen to the songs! ]

© 1987-2017 Timothy Jon Berndt.  All rights reserved.


PLEASE NOTE: Your purchase of this album entitles you to approximately 30 songs, 5 of which are included in the current download (see "Related Items" at the bottom of this page).  The remaining songs will be released every couple of weeks during 2017 as they are finalized, and you will be notified each time (at which time you can return to your acount on this site to download the new songs).  By pre-ordering these songs you are saving approximately half over purchasing the songs individually.


Thank you for supporting our music and some very important causes with your purchase of this album: 50% of all Natural Echo Project song proceeds are donated to charities that support the various themes of the songs (see each individual song page for details)!  [View donation reports here (No donations yet; be the first!).]



The 30 songs included with this MP3 digital download album span more than three decades and were written in places as diverse as Egypt, India, Taiwan, Japan, Nepal, Hong Kong, Italy, and the U.S. (in particular St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN and the Monterey Bay area in California).  A majority of the songs were recorded in the late 80's and early 90's with a $30 Radio Shack mic and a simple 4-track cassette deck, in living rooms, basements, bedrooms, and even a few closets around the globe.  Over the past decade on weekends, evenings, and other spare moments, these songs were slowly resurrected with digital technology, enhanced with additional instrumentation in many cases, and remastered--just in time for the 30th anniversary of The Natural Echo Project's first 1987 album, Tablature Rasa.  Several "new" songs emerged over the past decade, and they are included on this album as well.

My adventure with these songs has been an extended one, but like Captain Kirk said while dying beneath the twisted metal of that collapsed skywalk on Veridian III, "It's been ... fun!"  As I attempt to put closure on these special tunes with the release of this compilation, my thoughts turn continually to those of you who gave so much of yourselves to help make these early Natural Echo "projects" possible--your time, musical and artistic talents, guidance, criticism, encouragement, equipment, sense of humor, extreme patience, and friendship gave these songs a reality in the audible realm; I am proud of the work we've done together; thank you for sharing these adventures with me.  - Tim (January, 2017)



Greatest Hits? 1987-2017 (30+ Song Download, MP3)

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