The Big T: The Uses and Abuses of Testosterone (PDF Download)

THE BIG T: The Uses and Abuses of Testosterone (PDF Download) by Abraham Harvey Kryger, MD, DMD; © 2011 Abraham Harvey Kryger

FROM THE BOOK: "The primary purpose of this booklet is to clear up misconceptions and help gym-trained athletes to understand that they don’t have to accept what they consider to be the inevitable consequences of stopping their hormone supplementation. Generally, I am referring to men when I present the scientific advances in this field. I have tried to do this simply to help the ordinary person understand the concepts of hormone function. If you are trying to enhance your body image, facing the loss of sexual function or suffering the attendant depression associated with male menopause, YOU should read this booklet."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Abraham Harvey Kryger, MD, DMD is a board-certified Family Practitioner in full-time practice in Monterey, California. For over 35 years he has been a pioneer in the field of hormone replacement, with a special focus on healthy aging, wellness medicine and andrology (the study of male hormones).

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The Big T: The Uses and Abuses of Testosterone (PDF Download)

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